5 Best Roofing Materials to Opt for Longevity

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Roofing your house in Hallam or Rowville rarely gets considered on the list of fun and exciting home remodelling projects, right? But when your home develops a leak, your focus takes a 360-degree turn and the prospect of a dry, tightly-sealed house seem to look more attractive.

You can add value to your home and bring a change in its look and feel by updating your existing roof. Well, there are many factors when you are looking forward to opting for a roof change, including roof framing, preparation and proper installation. In addition, the roofing material too can bring a noticeable difference to your home exteriors.

Questions to Ask While Choosing Your Roofing Material

Before we explore the materials that you can use for roofing in Hallam or Rowville, let’s find out some simple yet important questions that you should ask prior to making a final decision:

  • Is the material heavy and is special framing necessary?
  • Does the roofing material have your preferred colour and style that complement your home?
  • Is your selected roofing material adhering to the fire codes of your area?
  • Do you need to consider any special installation or maintenance issues?
  • Is the material having the quality of withstanding extreme weather conditions?
  • Did you find the warranty, lifespan and the cost of your preferred roofing material?

Apart from these, are you asking the right questions for a roof repair estimate? Find it out!

Types of Roofing Materials That You Can Consider

1) Asphalt Shingles

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Lifespan: 20 to 25 years

This most common material for roofing in Rowville or Hallam is popular as they are reasonable as well as easy to install. These three-tab shingles are made of fibreglass mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules. If you lose a shingle, later on, they are easy to repair and replace on a one-for-one basis.

Benefit: Asphalt is easily available, is one of the least expensive roofing materials and come in a variety of colours.

House Style: Asphalt shingles can go with a wide range of architectural home styles, but, it precisely suits best with the conventional suburban styles.

2) Metal Roofing

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Metal roofs have proved to be resistant enough to extreme weather conditions. These options of metal roofing in Hallam or Rowville are available in two types – panels and shingles and you can select from different metals like stainless steel, aluminium, zinc and copper.

Benefit: The metal roofing not only offers a high solar reflectance but is also durable in nature and lasts longer.

House Style: This roofing material is perfect for bungalows as well as contemporary and cottage-styled homes.

3) Slate Roof

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Lifespan: 100+ years

Slate is a real stone that is laid down thick on the roof. It is the oldest and most durable option for roofing in Rowville or Hallam. It offers a distinctive, elegant appearance to your property. You can opt for the wide range of roofing colour options including grey, green, red, purple and black.

Benefit: This roofing material is highly durable, fire-resistant, versatile and aesthetically appealing. It can even be recycled.

House Style: Slate roof works best for Victorian heritage homes that have Colonial, French and European style designs.

4) Concrete and Clay Roofing

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Lifespan: 40 to 50 years

If you want to give texture and elegance to your roof, choose clay and concrete tiles for your roof.  The different styles of ribbed, genuine flat or scalloped clay tiles are very durable in nature. In addition, they are affordable as well as versatile in nature. One thing that should be noted is to seek a professional assistance in installing it as they have a heavy weight

Benefit: Clay and concrete roofing in Hallam or Rowville can be considered as they are long-lasting, non-combustible and also energy efficient.

House Style: Clay and concrete tiles go well with Mediterranean, south-western and Spanish-style homes.

5) Wood Shingles

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Lifespan: 25 to 30 years

Wood is the ultimate roofing choice for many years and is also loved by the majority of the homeowners. Shingles made from wood types such as cedar give a nice touch to the properties aesthetically. If you are looking to add a touch of tradition to your home, wood shingles are the best choice for roofing in Rowville or Hallam.

Benefit: The wood shingles are the natural products made from cedar, southern pine and redwood. Moreover, it is best for those who are inclined to give a rustic look to their property.

House Style: Wood shingles can serve to be a perfect roofing material for bungalows, cottage and Tudor-style homes.

Which Roofing Materials Fascinate You The Most?

There are many other roofing materials apart from these five, but if longevity is your primary concern in addition to aesthetics and functionality, choosing from the above-mentioned options can suffice your need. Explore them one-by-one, select one according to your set parameters of style, colour, and budget and take a professional assistance to install the roofing solution of your choice.