Common Plastering Defects and Methods to Fix It

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The plasterers have been in demand for many years in the Doncaster area and are one of the popular individuals selected for buildings and sculpture plastering work. This is because it is recommended to keep plaster against the drywall. From providing an aesthetic and smooth finish to the surfaces of walls to enhancing the overall appearance of your home, plasterer in Doncaster is highly recommended.

Whether there is residential or commercial property, plasterers put there 100% in improving the value of your property providing quality plastering service. Therefore, if you have made your mind to repair your old plaster walls and ceilings, then hiring a professional plasterer is the wisest choice.

When you are looking around for plastering contractors, there are several tips to remember which leads to the best plasterer.

Tips To Hire The Best Plasterer in Doncaster:

  • Look for the valid experience
  • Check the reviews online
  • Confirm regarding the license
  • Ensure incredible workmanship
  • Ask for recommendations

Are you planning to renovate your building in Doncaster? Then follow above-mentioned tips and find a reliable plasterer offering an extensive range of plaster supplies in Doncaster to increase the value of your property. Basically, there are mainly two types of plastering service which is offered by plasterers including:-

Domestic Plastering

From household repairs and patching to extension and renovations, plasterers are dedicated to providing you quality domestic plastering services. They will give your home a perfect look providing quality services like P50 shadow line, square set, ornamental cornice, ceiling panels, ceiling roses, battened ceilings, bulkheads, and archways.

Commercial Plastering

One of the important aspects of commercial plastering is to complete the plastering work within time and in a professional manner. Commercial plasterers in Doncaster are committed to providing you with an efficient plastering work for your factories, offices or shop fit outs. Other commercial plastering methods like bulkheads ceiling, P50 shadow line, partition walls, suspended, tile grid ceilings, suspended ceilings and solid plastering in Doncaster also help you in enhancing your commercial property.

Plastering may look like an easy job, but the truth is that it is the most difficult task containing many technical aspects which you need to know and remember. One of the essential things to know about plastering is regarding its defects and how you can diagnose and fix it in time to avoid further damage.

Common Plastering Defects and Solutions to Fix It

  1. Cracked Plaster:

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It is the most common problems which you will observe over a particular period of time. Cracked plaster comes in a variety of styles, from hairline cracks, delaminating cracks to settlement cracks. These cracks can be caused by movement of foundations, drying shrinkage of brickwork or thermal movement of the roof.

Solution to Fix: Most of the time these cracks can be fixed with a little bit of filler and a new layer of paint. In case, if the cracks in the plaster are severe, then it is the time to pursue an alternative option or ask for professional advice.

  1. Bubbled Plaster Walls:

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Moisture and damp conditions are the major reason to cause plaster damage. This defect mainly caused due to severe water damage and it is identifiable when the material begins to bubble or bulge outward. If it is not repaired soon, then the damage will just continue and it may develop a mould in the affected area.

Solution to Fix: Firstly, find a source of the leak and do everything you can do to stop the water. Begin by removing the portion of the damaged plaster and any loose particles and allow the wall to dry. With the clean and dry surface, coat the area with oil-based primer-sealer and then paint the affected surface.

  1. De-bonding Plasters:

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This defect occurs once the material starts to peel away from the wall. If the de-bonding area spreads to a larger area, then it is time to begin a full-fledged repair job. Also, to avoid de-bonding of the plaster in future, hire an experienced commercial plasterers in Doncaster.

Solution to Fix: Start with cleaning dirty or oily wall surfaces carefully. Ensure that you use a cement slurry on the walls or apply spatterdash coat before plastering. Finish it by applying bonding liquids to avoid the future de-bonding issue.

  1. Grinning in Plastering:

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It is the plastering defect which is identified when the mortar joints (space between bricks filled with mortar) are visible through the plaster. Mainly, it is caused due to the difference in suction between brickwork and mortar and also by taking out mortar joints.

Solution to Fix: In order to avoid the problem of grinning in plastering it is advisable to apply an undercoat or spatterdash coat before plastering. By applying this, it prevents rendering and plastering material from sliding. Also, to enhance the overall look of your property, opt for solid plastering in Doncaster.


If you want to restore your old building or increase the aesthetical value, then choosing an experienced plasterer providing plaster cornice in Doncaster is the best decision. Also, consider the above-mentioned defects by applying given solutions to avoid the future plastering damage.