6 Reasons to Keep Your Plaster Against Drywall

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In order to obtain smooth, even, clean, durable walls and tiles of your property, solid plastering is the best technique to consider. It is basically a mixture of lime or gypsum, sand and water, sometimes fibre that is used to harden to a smooth solid and used for coating the walls and ceilings.

Plastering is a need for every construction project, be it in Melbourne or anywhere in the world. You can use the services of plastering in Melbourne to ensure that the walls and ceilings of your property have a better aesthetic appeal along with durability.

What are the Characteristics of a Good Plaster?

Here’s everything that you need to know about solid plastering. Opting for solid plastering in Melbourne lets you have a number of benefits:

  • It provides a smooth, non-absorbent and washable surface
  • It is weatherproof
  • It is free from volumetric changes while setting and drying
  • It is easy to spread and level. It mixes up easily with water
  • It is not likely to cause cracking of surfaces
  • It provides durability to your walls and ceilings
  • It adds visual appeal to your walls and ceilings

Regardless of the newer techniques flooding in, the significance of plaster for ceiling tiles or cornice in Melbourne has remained the same. So, what makes it so important? And why it is always recommended to keep it when it comes to maintaining the walls of your property?

Solid Plastering Melbourne

Below-mentioned are some reasons that explain why it is ideal to keep your plaster on your cornice or ceiling tiles in Melbourne:

1) Plaster is harder than drywall

If you put plaster and drywall together, there is no question as to which is a better harder wall covering. Plaster is, without any doubt, much harder than drywall as it makes for a far more durable wall surface. Applying solid plastering in Melbourne is also more fire resistant than drywall.

2) Plaster is a better insulator than drywall

As said above, due to its thickness, the job of plastering in Melbourne will provide better insulation to your walls. The insulated walls stop the flow of heat into and out of the home. This makes your home more energy-efficient all year round. Insulation manages the heat and the cold of your home accordingly, which means your HVAC system will not have to work as hard, ultimately reducing your energy bills. Additionally, the plaster coat on the exterior walls also improves moisture control as a whole.

3) Plaster is a better sound blocker than drywall

If the plaster is applied on your walls or ceiling tiles in Melbourne, it won’t let any sound waves travel through them. This ultimately blocks the sound from entering your home. In a way, the plastered walls will make the noise bounce away, ensuring that they can’t get through.

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4) Plaster can self-heal the cracks

Yes, this is true. Lime plaster goes through a curing process called carbonation. This causes the plaster to continuously build and re-build the bonds between its particles. It won’t heal the big structural cracks, but definitely the small hairline cracks over time.

5) Plaster removes the Carbon Dioxide from the air

Lime, being the primary ingredient of the plaster releases water and draws in carbon dioxide as it cures. To turn back into limestone, the plaster requires carbon dioxide which it continuously pulls from the surroundings in little quantities, as long as it stands. Hence, it helps in removing the carbon dioxide from the air.

6) Plaster lasts longer than drywall

Applying plaster to the walls, tiles or cornice in Melbourne will provide you with a durable and long-lasting solution when compared to the drywall. The plaster is sure to stand the test of time. Even if the plaster is sagging or cracked, it can be repaired accordingly to last for some more decades. Hence, when compared to drywall, the plaster coating definitely lasts longer.

Are You Ready to Plaster Your Walls?

With these benefits, solid plastering in Melbourne seems to be a better idea to opt for than drywall.

When going to apply plastering for your home interiors or exteriors, consider your requirements and all the significant aspects that let you have a durable and appealing home for a longer period of time.