Roof Cleaning Methods And Importance In Maintenance Of A Property

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The roof plays an important part in maintaining the structural framework of a property or building. Roof cleaning & Restoration in Endeavour Hills, Melbourne is an essential activity to maintain the roof structure and state. Over the years roofs which are well maintained and clean are crucial for increasing the property security and appeal. There are various different kinds of the roof which require different kinds of cleaning methods which are described here.

Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Method: A non-bleach and eco-friendly method which utilises low pressure while cleaning the roof using roof shampoo. This type of cleaning works best for fibre glasses and asphalt shingles. Brush or scrub is not used while cleaning in this task.

Bleach Roof Cleaning Method: Also known as Soft Wash this process uses Sodium Hypochlorite which is a bleach used for cleaning purposes. This method is a chemical based cleaning method which does not use high pressure.

Splash and Dash Process: A chemical is sprayed onto the roof and after some time it is rinsed off. The results are visible in some weeks or months after the cleaning process. Such cleaning process may need to be repeated a number of times to get the results.

High-Pressure Power Washing Process: Blast is done on the roof which blows away the unwanted particles from the roof. This type of cleaning can only be done for concrete, clay or metal surfaces. Organisms like algae or mould which cause roof stains are effectively removed by this method.

There are numerous benefits of cleaning the roof some of which are described here. Cleaning needs to be done to remove any trace of moss and algae as they can grow in any part of the roof. Moss can get underneath the shingles and pull them away from the roof creating pits in the surface of the roof. Investing in roof repair services will help to save money by maintaining the structure of the roof and preventing any long term damage caused by moss to the property interiors and also the exterior. Black algae can cause streaks to form on the surface which can absorb more heat during sunny days and lead to more energy expenditure with the cooling devices. This decreases energy efficiency and leads to wastage of energy. More money is then spent on energy bills when the cooling is not efficient and much of it is wasted. In order to save on energy bills, roof cleaning and maintenance is thus very essential. Cleaning increases the value of the property and good profits can be expected if the property is sold as cleaning a property helps in improving its overall condition. Cleaning also increases the aesthetic appeal of a property making it more desirable. Cleaning the roof will help to maintain the property in top class condition and the owner of the property can take pride in possessing such a property. This will give mental peace to the property owner and make living in the property a wonderful experience.